Venison or Beef with Taco Soup Recipe

If I were to ask you to raise hands for someone who loves venison, I’m curious what response would we look at?

When Michael, of Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, inquired about venison recipes, I turned the wheels in my head.

You know, when I was a very young girl, and we lived in the famous Amish country of Holmes County, Ohio, we rarely had venison because deer were rare in those densely populated areas.

Moving to Flat Rock, we were blessed with plenty of wildlife throughout our 90-acre farm. There were so many deer in the area that they would become seriously ill unless they were thinned.

My father would go looking for his family year after year. Although some years were more difficult to sack a deer, he continued to do everything in his power to feed his family this natural meat. Although we felt blessed with all the venison we could get from year to year, it was an adjustment to switch from beef to venison.

Some don’t mind the wonderful flavor; Others declared it less than delicious. We soon learned that by cutting out as much fat as possible and using only doe meat in a burger, you can get a minimum of game flavor.

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