This TikToker Makes Fake Crumbl Cookie Recipes Impressive

Crumbl cookies are famous for having big, tasty and unique cookies. Their menu consists of six cookies with four of them changed every week. The two that always remain are the milk chocolate chip cookie and the classic sugar cookie. The four elements that change tend to follow the time of year with holiday flavors or themes that fit the season. For example, they currently serve walnut chocolate chips, Neapolitan, cinnamon swirl, and frozen hot chocolate cookies.

Since flavors change constantly, there may be a cookie coming out a week that ends up being your all-time favorite, but you know that once the rotation is over, you won’t be seeing it again anytime soon. This is where Carly comes in.

Karli is the self-proclaimed cookie queen who has taken it upon herself to recreate delicious Crumbl cookies and share recipes with the world. When Crumbl comes out with a new flavor, they will give it a try and then start the cookie iteration process as close to the original as possible. I called them Crumbl Copycats, and they seem pretty convincing.

I first came across it on TikTok, and as a baker and lover of Crumbl cookies, I was intrigued. I went through all her videos as well as her website and felt I should share this woman’s amazing work. I’ve made copycat recipes for about 24 Crumble cookies so far, and I don’t think they’re about to stop anywhere. Although recreating these cookies was her last assignment, she also has more than 20 pages of other recipes from French toast to fajitas on her website.

I love Crumbl and their cookies are suitable for any special occasion. I will definitely need to try these recipes and see how legitimate they really are. I’m particularly excited to follow Carly as she comes up with new recipes so I can compare the real thing directly to the fake cookies.

Here are some examples of Tiktoks I’ve posted showing their process:

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