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This is more of a lifestyle overhaul than a meal delivery service. They present themselves as healthy meals for busy people, and they really are about as easy as they get.

You start by filling in your height, weight, and fitness goals. Along with the meal plan, you get an exercise schedule from a personal trainer that you can download as a PDF. Three meals a day (plus juices and snacks, if you choose) delivered to your door in a cool bag, if you’re in London, or an insulated cardboard box if you’re elsewhere in the UK. Everything without cooking and without preparation. All you have to do, at most, is peel the membrane and put a bowl in the microwave – no pots needed.

I’m pleasantly surprised at how amazing my meals taste (the delivery of healthy/fitness-focused meals was a bit bland). Most breakfasts are cold—I have coconut yogurt with peaches, granola, and blanched almonds one day, and summer fruit yogurt with berry and granola compote another day.

Lunches are varied, and much more delicious than the usual Tupperware fare – my favorite is the honey-mustard chicken, glazed root vegetables, spring greens, and lemon aioli. Dinner is a similar mix of protein (chicken or fish for me, although you can choose a vegetarian menu), grains or potatoes and a good portion of vegetables. My favorite is the marinated salmon with poi lentils, curry sauce, cavolo nero, rice and coconut milk.

Since it’s unavoidable, this process leads to a fair amount of overpacking. However, the courier collects the used cooler bags afterwards, and the containers are biodegradable. You can choose overnight or on-time delivery for a fee, communication is excellent – the carrier gives you an estimated delivery time by text down to the minute.

I expect to get hungry on this plan, as I’m constantly reminded of how many calories each ingredient contains (even small pots of salad dressing) and I estimate it’s less than I normally eat. But I finish each day feeling satisfied and don’t need an emergency packet of chips, which is a plus.

A major downside, however, is that Fresh Fitness Food is very expensive – starting at £23 a day for three meals. Will I do it again? Yes, if money is no object. The food was fresh and delicious, and you could save seven hours of prep time a week. but actually? It’s a very big expense.


Cost per day from £23 for three meals

Subscription required

Delivers to: All over the UK, except for specific postal codes that are very far from courier coverage

try now

2. All plants

Best for: vegan-friendly frozen food

We loved it: her vegan take on comfort food

£40.50 for six meals for one,


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