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My mom loves to tell stories when she was working at Mac’s Lunch downtown Connersville in 1959. I recently remembered the popular meatloaf that had leftover potatoes, stewed tomatoes, and any leftover vegetables. I made a tomato sauce for the topping with ketchup, brown sugar, and Worcestershire sauce. Now when my dad makes meatloaf he puts shredded pickles, mustard, ketchup, onions, and whatever else he thinks goes with the hamburger. He was always good, and he figured out how to make broth from ground beef broth. My sister sneaks spinach in her.

I think we can take some cooking liberties with meatloaf, and combine different types of ground meat, vegetables, and spices for a perfectly good meatloaf. According to the Boston Cooking-School Book, ground beef was not only about using scraps of meat but was also influenced by the chef’s food breed. For my mom, this origin comes from the hills of Kentucky. Culture may be the reason my mother believed mashed potatoes should go into meatloaf because when you’re poor, you tend to take advantage of all the leftovers. I haven’t mastered a loaf of mashed potatoes, but this recipe works for me.

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