Recipes Made in Oklahoma Coalition to Start 2022

After the heaviness of holiday food, let’s ease things up.

Start the day with the perfect frittata for brunch on Sunday and the following Monday. It’s also great for packing in a lunch box for school or work.

Filled with JM Mushroom, Scissortail Farms Spinach and Bar-S Bacon, mix and match your favorite herbs and vegetables with our base of Hiland Heavy Whipping Cream and Hansen’s Eggs. They bake directly in a muffin pan, which makes cleanup easier, as you can take them out right away.

Alliance Kitchens has also created chicken strips that serve as a snack or over basmati or jasmine rice for dinner. The sweet heat of Scotch Bonnet Pepper Jelly and Coconut balances out the bold flavors beneath these crunchy tenders that are perfect for that new air fryer.

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