Pongal 2022: Date, Time, Significance & 5 Festive Recipes to Celebrate

The year 2022 has started, and one of the first festivals to be celebrated in January is Pongal. The four-day festival of Pongal is celebrated with great fervor across Tamil Nadu. The harvest festival falls in the month of ‘Thai’, which is the tenth month of the Tamil calendar. This is why it is also called “Tai Pongal” by some people. It also coincides with other harvest festivals across the country, including Makar Sankranti and Bihu. Just like any other Hindu festival, Pongal is all about celebrating with near and dear ones along with some delicious food.

Pongal date and time 2022 | Thai Pongal date and time

Thai Pongal 2022 is celebrated on January 14 this year. It’s Friday and it will be the second day of the four-day festival. The Thai Pongal Sankranti moment is scheduled to occur at 2:43 pm this year.

The first day of Pongal . has been called boogie, which is celebrated on January 13, 2022. It coincides with the Punjabi Harvest Festival in Lohri. It is customary to clean homes and dispose of unused items on this day.

The third day of Pongal is known as Matt Pongal, dedicated to the worship of cattle. Livestock are washed, groomed, fed and farmers acknowledge their help and contribution to agricultural activities. The fourth and final day of Pongal . is called Kanom Pongal It is largely intended for family reunion and festive feast, Pongal BoganamCooked with fresh grains.

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Pongal 2022: Pongal has a custom or tradition to boil milk until it spills.

The importance of Pongal 2022 | Why is Pongal celebrating?

In Tamil, the word “pong” means to boil or stretch. Thus, in Pongal it is customary to cook milk and rice in an earthenware pot until it overflows. Pongal Day also marks the transition of the sun towards the north, known as Uttarayan. This period is considered very auspicious.

As part of the Pongal celebrations, devotees worship the sun god or Lord Syria. People decorate and clean their homes, buy new bowls and clothes and perform traditional dances.

5 festive recipes to celebrate Pongal 2022

Pongal Festival 2022 wouldn’t be complete without these delicious recipes. These delicious dishes are traditionally prepared as part of Pongal Boganam or a feast. There are some sweet preparations as well as some savory too.

Here are 5 festive recipes for Pongal 2022:

1. Vin Pongal

Prepared with rice and Moong Dal, this delicious pongal is a delicious treat for the festival. Pair it with piping hot Sambhar or pachadi the choice.

2. Madhu Vada

Crispy pancakes made from urad dal mixture, Medhu Vada is a must-have snack on your holiday menu. The more slender and lighter the mixture, the crunchier the vada turns out to be.

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Madhu Fada

Pongal 2022: Celebrations are incomplete without some cheerful Vadas.

3. Aval Kari

With an array of crunchy greens and a soothing coconut base, Avial Curry is another Pongal favorite. The traditional recipe is also part of the Onam celebrations.

4. Arashovita Sambar

Freshly ground spices come together to make this amazing Arachuvita Sambar. This dish pairs well with rice and is an integral part of the festive Pongal menu.

5. Sakkarai or Sweet Pongal

Last but not least, the sweet Sakkarai or Pongal would be the dessert without the Pongal festival being incomplete. Rice, jaggery, dry fruits, and lentils come together to make this heavenly dessert.

We wish our readers a very happy Pongal 2022!


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