Love paneer? Try these 5 paneer sandwich recipes for a delicious breakfast

If there’s one thing we can agree on is that we love to start our day on a delicious note! This is why we look forward to a Sunday morning party or Pav Bhaji. But we cannot indulge in such fatty foods for breakfast every day; We need to eat something healthy and nutritious so that our body has the energy to start the day. While eggs are the most popular option, vegetarians cannot indulge in this healthy food. This is where Paneer comes to the rescue! Loaded with proteins and calcium, paneer is a delicious ingredient that Indians absolutely enjoy. So, if you’re looking for breakfast paneer recipes, we’ve got five delicious paneer sandwiches just for you.

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Here are 5 paneer sandwich recipes for breakfast:

1. Paneer Corn Sandwich

This corn sandwich replaces unhealthy cheese paneer with protein-rich paneer. You should know that if you grate paneer, you will get the look, feel and taste similar to other cheeses, and you won’t even have to think twice before eating it.

Click here for Paneer Corn Sandwich recipe.

2. Roasted Paneer

Paneer is so easy to make that you don’t need to be a kitchen expert to break this down. All you need is a crumbled paneer mixture, dipped in a mixture of spices, put inside two slices of brown bread and toasted. Enjoy it with our easy-to-make salsa and head out with a happy belly.

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3. Mushroom Paneer Sandwich

Cheese and Mushroom Toast has a delicious spicy filling with tomatoes, onions, ginger, cottage cheese and mushrooms. Crumbled paneer is tossed in a skillet with mushrooms and masala before stuffing between toasts.

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4. Paneer Tower Sandwich

This paneer sandwich comes with a special twist. With turmeric powder, red chili powder and garlic, delicious paneer burgi is tossed in bread to make a sandwich. Enjoy this sandwich as a filling snack or as a delicious breakfast.

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5. Grilled vegetable sandwiches

Cucumbers, onions, capsicums, potatoes, shredded carrots, and cottage cheese – all these diverse vegetables come together to create a wonderful combination like no other. That’s not all, this grilled sandwich has the added surprise of cream and cheese.

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Try these paneer sandwich recipes and tell us which one is your favorite in the comments section.


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