How to make TikTok ice cream recipe for viral cure at home

Fresh snow might mean it’s time to grab a sled for a fun day out with your friends or with a shovel to clear the path in your driveway. For many TikTokers, a snowy day seems to be also a good time to prepare a delicious meal at home. You just need to know how to make TikTok ice cream recipe to bring winter magic into your own kitchen.

Simple homemade ice cream recipe using fresh ice is currently trending on video sharing app as winter continues. For many people, ice cream is a fun treat they used to make when they were kids, so it’s full of nostalgia and good memories. However, if you haven’t grown up in a place where it snows a lot, you may be new to snow cream in general. If your winter wonderland is currently out there, this is the perfect opportunity to finally learn how to make TikTok snow cream to try it out for yourself.

Of course, as many TikTokers warn you, eating actual snow can be tricky. You want fresh, clean snow, so it’s a good idea to collect it using a container that you leave outside or pick up a new layer that’s not on the ground. If you are really concerned about the safety of snow in your backyard, you can always make shaved snow because it is very similar and will give you the same taste as snow cream. For people in warmer places where snowy winters are more of a dream come true, shaved snow should be your go-to for snow cream recipe too.

Once you’ve collected fresh ice or ice chunks, you’ll also need the following ingredients to make your ice cream recipe:

According to TikTokerkalireigh, all you have to do is stir these ingredients together in a bowl and you’ll have some vanilla ice cream. Once you’ve mastered the basic snow cream recipe, you might want to get creative and try a few of these additional snow cream recipes from TikTok with different flavors and toppings.


Add sprinkles on top of the ice cream

If you’re interested in the presentation, add some colorful sprinkles on top of the ice cream like TikTokersugarpusher. Although it might not add much to the flavor, it will make your foodie and TikToks pics of your snow cream pop up on your feed. With Valentine’s Day approaching in February, you can even sprinkle some festive sprinkles ($12) on top for a delicious treat to give your partner.


Chocolate chip ice cream recipe


Replace some maple syrup with a Tik Tok ice cream recipe


This snow cream recipe uses heavy whipping cream

For this recipe from TikToker’s childhood @ailis.mae, you’ll want to use heavy whipping cream instead of milk for your ice cream. Another great tip from @ailis.mae is not to pack the ice into your bowl while you’re collecting it, ensuring it stays fluffy.


Hot cocoa cream recipe

On the next snow day, treat yourself to both hot cocoa and snow cream with this recipe from TikToker_tori_ann_. After making your usual vanilla ice cream, my favorite hack @_tori_ann_ is to sprinkle a little hot cocoa powder all over the face. They make this homemade frozen hot chocolate that you’ll want to eat all season long.


Chocolate ice cream recipe

Calling all chocolate lovers – you’ll want to try this chocolate cream recipe from TikTokerywmfamily. Instead of vanilla extract, simply mix heavy whipping cream with chocolate sauce before adding ice (or shaving ice). Mixing this with your room will be a file chocolate of fun.


Iced Chocolate Cream Sundae

Another recipe for chocolate icing comes from TikToker foodwithfeeling. This uses cocoa powder in place of chocolate sauce, but it’s absolutely delicious. You can even add hot waffle and sprinkles like a foodwithfeeling sundae sundae. One idea is to have an toppings bar where you and your buddies make ice cream together.

For a first thing in the morning, try this coffee creamer recipe from TikTokerlittlebeancoffee. All you have to do is mix some cold coffee with milk, sugar and vanilla, plus a pinch of salt before adding it to the ice. Enjoy and you are ready to start your day!

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