Guava Season Recipe Book offers simple meal ideas for tough times

With food prices soaring, depleting dollars and food supplies is vital these days.

However, knowing how to prepare a healthy and nutritious meal without breaking the bank is a challenge for many.

With his first recipe book, Mmm – Guava Season, Baidawi Assing offers a much-needed solution for these times.

Assing is the man behind the popular website EatAhFood and hosts a series called Mmhmm ​​on the brand’s YouTube channel.

This free downloadable recipe book is aptly titled. Guava season in the local language denotes a period of financial hardship. Thanks to global food shortages, unemployment, the inability to work due to disease, and the myriad other problems caused by the pandemic, many of them are stuck in the never-ending guava season.

Guava Season is the first recipe book from Al Baidawi Eating Food Association

The recipe book contains 25 recipes that reflect Assing’s personal and strategic preference for simple, modest, and cost-effective meals such as sago porridge, stewed lentils, stewed tuna, stewed red beans, banana porridge, green figs, and stewed peas.

The recipes are mainly vegetarian or vegan. Assing, who is not, explains in the book that preparing vegetarian meals is cheaper than preparing meat dishes.

While giving readers simple meal options, Assing also encourages readers to nurture their local markets and develop a sense of community around food and living.

“The whole premise of the book was to show people that they can eat good food and delicious food and it doesn’t have to be expensive or just change people’s perspective on what we think is good quality or high quality. People think that something of really good quality is something you have to spend a lot of money on and that’s Not the case,” he explained to Loop News.

“Also, part of choosing certain ingredients is the seller-buyer relationship in the market, where it is not a rigid relationship as in the grocery where everything is at one price. You do not bargain with the grocer but in the market, you still have that relationship with the seller where Even sellers know certain customers they may not always have.If a seller knows that I used to buy three strollers and on that day I only buy two, they will put that in their mind and they will throw away an extra one. It is just a complete understanding of where people are in terms of finances And kind of acknowledging that we all go through it,” he said.

chicken bhaji rice

Each meal included in the guava season can feed four to six people depending on the serving size.

In the introduction to his book, Assing refers to the essential materials he stores while cooking on a budget.

Some of the staple foods that can be found in the supermarket are boiled rice, pasta, all-purpose flour, cornmeal, peas, and dried or canned beans which appear in many recipes in the guava season. In the market, pantry buys ground and especially mentions the green fig which he said is a very versatile ingredient that goes well with almost any protein-based dish, be it peas, beans, meat or fish.

“It’s a very cheap item in the market,” he wrote, “but if you’re lucky, it’s something you can get for free if you have a neighbor who has a fig tree in his yard.”

With product prices soaring, Assing said he chose recipes with ingredients that don’t fluctuate much in price.

The ingredients in his recipes can easily be substituted for others if some of the prices are too high.

Spicy spaghetti with peas and carrots

“Depending on the recipe, you can always swap out certain ingredients for others. So for fried cassava, if the cassava is too expensive in the market, you can substitute it and use the dasheen. Almost any item can be substituted for this fried cassava. In recipes that call for pumpkin, if it’s too expensive you can Use carrots. The reason I chose those particular recipes is because the ingredients most of them use don’t fluctuate that much. I haven’t used anything that uses a whole bunch of tomatoes because that’s something that can get really expensive in the market,” he said.

Guava season is dedicated to the decoration of the mother of the oval. His all time favorite meal is cooked tuna and rice which she made for him as a child.

Download Guava Season here.

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