From cinnamon rolls to almond and orange muffins: the eight best vegan recipes of the day!

Ready, ready, recipes! Here are our newly published, freshest recipes in one convenient place! These are today’s best vegan recipes, now part of our thousands of recipes Food Monster App! Our latest recipes include cinnamon rolls and ravioli, so if you’re looking for something new and delicious, these recipes are for you!

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1. Cinnamon rolls

vegetable cinnamon rolls

Source: Cinnamon Rolls

This sticky, sticky cinnamon is absolute perfection. Six Vegan Sisters Cinnamon Rolls are filled with vegan butter, good-quality cinnamon and sugar, then topped with a vanilla glaze for the perfect cinnamon roll. We love serving it at brunch for a sweet dessert paired with savory dishes, like tofu scramble and tofu “bacon.” Reprinted with permission from The Six Vegan Sisters Daily Cookbook by Six Vegan Sisters, Big Street Publishing 2021. Image credit: Hayden Steinbau

2. Sweet Potato Ravioli with White Cream Sauce

Vegetable sweet potato ravioli with white cream sauce

Source: Sweet Potato Ravioli with White Cream Sauce

Rich, creamy sweet potato filling topped with a smooth white sauce dipped in tarragon and garlic. Sweet Potato Ravioli with Creamy White Sauce from Taavi Moore is totally homemade and delicious!

3. Cheese sausage patties with French fries

Sausage pancakes with vegan cheese with French fries

Source: Cheese sausage patties with French fries

For days when you don’t want to put in a lot of effort, try Milani Sorrentino’s Cheese Sausage Fries with Fries. Using your favorite vegan sausage recipe, shape the mixture into small pieces, then grill on both sides until golden brown. Top it with melted vegan cheese, toss in some lettuce, and golden fries for a simple, budget-friendly meal that is the epitome of comfort food.

4. Pancake with almonds and oranges

Vegan pancake with almonds and oranges

Source: Almond and orange pancakes

These Pavani Nandola Muffins are baby tested and approved. It is very easy to make. You can have perfectly thin and fluffy pancakes in no time. In addition, the remaining pancakes freeze beautifully – wrap them tightly in tin foil and put in a bag. Just toast them until soft before serving. These almond and orange muffins are perfect for busy mornings, when you’re rushing to work and your kids to school. It’s a great way to start the day. Sweet orange syrup tastes amazing with pancakes, but leftovers can be sprinkled over pound cake or ice cream.

5. Caramel lollipop

Caramel vegan lollipop

Source: caramel lollipop

Caramel vegan ice cream! What’s so special about this caramel lollipop by Melanie Crovel? It’s purely vegan, cream-free, and doesn’t require an ice maker. You can simply pour the delicious mixture into ice cream molds and enjoy it on a stick.

6. Vegetable soup without meat

vegan vegetable soup

Source: vegetable soup without meat

It’s all about classic beef and vegetables, and it’s made with the crumbs of vegan beef. Reuben’s Meatless Vegetable Soup is packed with protein and is the perfect way to clean up your vegetable basket. This recipe is very flexible so keep the flow. Taste, adjust seasoning, and enjoy. This soup also freezes beautifully.

7. Delicious Italian Granola

Salty Italian vegan granola

Source: delicious Italian granola

This delicious Italian granola from Rosie Newton and Dillon Sivyour is a healthy topping for soups and salads, giving you a crunchy crunch full of delicious Italian flavors like fragrant oregano and sun-dried tomatoes.

8. Peanut Marzipan: Mexican Peanut Marzipan

Vegan Peanut Marzipan: Mexican Peanut Marzipan

Source: Peanut Marzipan: Mexican Peanut Marzipan

Mazapán de cacahuate, or marzipan peanuts, is a sweet, typical symbol of Mexican culture. Like many other traditional dishes of Mexican cuisine, it has a Spanish influence. In Mexico, you can find peanut marzipan year-round and in any store, but it is very easy to make, as it only requires peanuts, sugar, and a good food processor. This Mazapán de Cacahuate: Mexican Marzipan Peanuts from Azucena Noriega will brighten up any dessert table.


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