From ricotta pancakes to cheddar risottos: Nicholas Palfe’s recipes for a cheesy winter comfort food | food

IWe’ve always sought to source ingredients as locally as possible, so late last year, when we finally opened our first out-of-town restaurant, Holm, in South Somerset, it gave me the perfect opportunity to take that commitment to a whole new level. So, for today’s cheesy dishes, I use good West Country cheeses made nearby: Westcombe … Read more

Brib-worthy recipes for warm, comfort food – The New Indian Express

by Express News Service While we’re looking for some warm and bland food, ramen is an ideal dish to eat. shoyu spicy vegan ramen ingredients Vegetable broth: 500 ml Cut the tofu into square slices: 100 g Finely chopped green pepper: 6-7 ramen noodles Sesame oil for frying tofu Jolokia Pot Powder / Chili Oil … Read more

5 DIY Cocktail Recipes With a South Indian Touch

Fresh turmeric is an integral part of Pongal celebrations in Tamil Nadu. The mouth of a Pongal (Pongal paanai) pot is tied with turmeric leaves and bulbs. This ingredient is easy to find in major Chennai markets in January during the Pongal season. I discovered that it also makes a great cocktail ingredient (see recipes). … Read more

Broke Vegan Recipe for Chole Legs, Lentil Tacos, and Spicy Rice Noodle Salad | Vegetarian food and drink

IIt’s easier than you think to be a vegan. The trick is not to be fooled by the many alternatives to meat and dairy – they often come at a hefty price, while also being processed, and even ultra-processed foods. So today’s recipes don’t use any tofu, tempeh, seitan, vegan sausage, vegan cheese, yogurt, and … Read more

tamarind rice recipe | savour

Depending on where it comes from in South India, tamarind rice is known variously as Puliyogare, Pulihora, Puliyodarai or Puli Sadam. Although its records may change — fewer ingredients, fluctuating amounts of spice, adding or subtracting cashews and coconut — the paste is traditionally based on tamarind, red chile, mustard, coriander, curry leaves, and dal. … Read more