Track Mousse Bites, Strawberry Milk & More

chef Zane Holmquist He joins TODAY to share some of his favorite sweets, snacks, and drinks. He shows us how to make everything Marinated pigs in a blanket, protein-packed dates and chocolate chips, crunchy pecan and pear rolls with chocolate dipping sauce, mint hot chocolate with espresso and warm strawberry milk. Courtesy Robin Venters I’ve … Read more

Some recipes for Mrs. Claus – and us – to try | column book

word of the day He is smooster. Example: Don’t blame Santa Claus for missing cookies; I know how smudged you are. Thursday word It was surprising. It’s just an old poetic past tense of “discomfort”, not in common usage. Example: “The horse was emaciated and skinny; it seemed his misfortune. We got into a drifting … Read more

20 best vegan recipes of 2021

Today, vegetarian fare is giving meat and dairy a run for their money as more and more people choose vegan foods. In honor of another year of next-level vegan flavor, here are the 20 most popular recipes you just can’t get enough of on We can’t wait to see what’s on the list in … Read more

Coffee cake recipe with orange butter

This orange-infused coffee cake is adapted from author Jared Downing’s grandmother’s beloved recipe, which she’s made for family and friends every Christmas morning in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for 60 years. Coffee cake is a Christmas staple in the American South, and something you can eat while opening gifts around the tree. Sticky, nutty, and citrusy treats … Read more

Honey Pepper Chicken, Schezwan Pepper Chicken and 7 Other Spicy Chicken Recipes You Must Try

The Indian palate is a perfect fit because we Indians are always ready to explore and experiment with different cuisines. This is exactly what happened with Indo-Chinese mixed food, which is now considered a separate cuisine in its own right. Whether it’s a food cart in your neighborhood or fine dining restaurants in town, Indo-Chinese … Read more