7 Best HelloFresh Meal Recipes Right Now

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While we collectively (and actively) try to emulate those sweet treats we see while scrolling through Instagram and TikTok, most of us can use some guidance on how to achieve said culinary creativity.

This is where HelloFresh can help. HelloFresh’s delicious recipes give us options when feeling overwhelmed – which seems to happen quite often nowadays. The menu includes a variety of dietary lifestyles, with options offering meals that cater to keto, vegetarians, vegans, low-calorie, low-carb and gluten-free. Sure, it’s easy to buy an array of organic, sustainable, and healthy ingredients; The biggest challenge comes when we are in the kitchen with no idea how to combine them into a dish that deserves to taste good.

HelloFresh meal planning gives you the chance to create delicious, fuss-free food combos that you’ll enjoy (and already know how to put together).

How much does HelloFresh cost per serving?

HelloFresh is an affordable meal delivery service plan that costs an average of around $7 per meal.

One of the biggest benefits of using HelloFresh is the long-term savings you’ll see from buying fewer groceries that go to waste. Over time, food that isn’t used goes bad or ends up as leftovers that sit (and sit and sit) in the fridge. HelloFresh meals come in two or four portion serving sizes to help reduce the amount of food waste in our homes. Less waste means less money in the sewers, quite literally.

Interested in what kind of HelloFresh meals are in their repertoire? Here are some of the current favorites that customers can choose from.

chives mushroom meal

Cereals, vegetables, and a handful of fresh mushrooms are the ingredients chosen to make this creamy HelloFresh restaurant favorite. This dish combines original risotto ingredients—such as Arborio rice and Parmesan cheese—with the unique addition of chives, grape tomatoes, and a teaspoon of chili flakes. We love the subtle kick that the chili flakes give; But don’t worry, nothing beats the classic nature of classic comfort comfort.

As many seconds as you want, it may not be possible with this risotto. Rich, gravy-wrapped rice mixed with a mixture of shredded cheese, onions, and garlic forms a mouth-watering combination that will keep you filling and filling enough. It’s also able to stay gluten-free and vegan-friendly while serving a serious cold-weather dinner.

Caramel apple meal

Although this may not be the typical grilled cheese you know, it could become your new lunch classic. Think of this HelloFresh recipe when an adult spins on Kraft cheese and classic white bread.

The HelloFresh stuffed apple menu option includes two servings of sturdy sourdough bread, a mix of yellow and white cheddar, Dijon mustard, and a twist. You start by cutting an apple with a few herbs and bring it to a boil that is soft and caramelized. Add them to the sourdough slices, coat them with a mixture of mustard and cheese, and return to the pan for a crunchy, golden-brown final layer. Yes, it is as drooling as it sounds.

The flavor combination of crunchy, sweet and savory is, simply put, delicious. Pairs perfectly with the included mini arugula salad topped with cranberries, sunflower seeds and honey Dijon dressing. This melt gives Panera a run for its money, without the $15 price tag. Bonus: It’s also vegan certified.

Chicken gyro meal

Protein dishes are everywhere these days. From Mediterranean-inspired labels to “Fresh Cantina” labels, many chain-crafted bowls come with a hefty price tag; There are usually more additives and unnecessary amounts of sodium, too. not this.

This HelloFresh chicken spinner couscous takes 30 minutes to make at home. It’s easy to see why this fresh blend of grains, protein-packed chicken, and crunchy vegetables is a popular choice for fitness enthusiasts — and anyone else for that matter. This bowl serves a hearty base of creamy chickpeas and Israeli couscous topped with thyme-marinated chicken. It also comes with a citrus-filled salad finished with a tangy feta dill.

Penne pasta meal

One of the reasons HelloFresh recipes grab our attention is the diverse cooking methods used. One day you fry and grill, and the next you bake a rich and healthy pasta dish that curbs carb cravings in the best possible way.

When we mean healthy, we’re not kidding. High-quality penne pasta, mixed with a complex turnip sauce and chicken sausage, fills your oven with an aroma that can be smelled a mile away. Maybe not a literal mile, but your neighbors will definitely be jealous. even better? It gives that oven-baked taste with minimal commitment—it takes about 35 minutes from kitchen to table.

korean beef meal

The traditional Bibimbap gets its name from the Korean term for mixing rice, and this HelloFresh meal version is an ode to that.

Take everything you know about simple beef stew—including its warmth and comforting complexity—but add some extra layers of flavor to it. This rice bowl gives you a variety of tastes and ingredients. Premium quality ground beef is seasoned with soy sauce, sriracha, garlic and ginger. Zucchini and carrots also give a punch that you won’t find in soft soups. What would normally take hours to cook in a crock pot can be accomplished in just half an hour with this HelloFresh menu option.

Pork Meal

This dish is for those who crave a meal from the restaurant without leaving home – we get it, and your sofa is comfy. That’s because the fig jam glaze, along with fresh chopped thyme leaves, Yukon golden potatoes, and thick-cut carrots, makes us feel like eating at our new favorite gastropub. The minimum serving size is about two, but don’t worry; There is an option to request more.

As a bonus, you can add shallots for extra zest. They strike a balance to pork dishes that onions tend to outsmart or compete with. (This is a bit of cooking that you can use at your next dinner date.)

Joe Dirty Meal

Sloppy Joes are known by their name and love their flavor. Although Dirty Joe’s recipe uses seitan (another meat substitute), it does the job of matching the texture and taste of the meaty versions. The tomato filling with seitan crumbs, button mushrooms, zucchini, and onions creates a thick sauce that’s really worth baking.

Seitan should not be confused with tofu. In addition to being a meat substitute without animal by-products, seitan is lower in fat, has less fat content, and is more carb-friendly. With this HelloFresh-specific, vegan-certified recipe, you’ll get the best of many worlds. Bonus: This complete meal has just 600 calories and can pack 42 grams of protein.

How long will the HelloFresh set of meals last?

How long HelloFresh will last depends on the recipe and meal preparation. Some dishes, such as those that use fresh fruits and vegetables, will have a shorter shelf life if they are not frozen in time for later use.

No need to be afraid, though! HelloFresh ingredients can be chopped, shredded, and stored until ready to use. Meat can be frozen and defrosted as well; If you like to store your meals in the freezer or refrigerator, they can last on average for up to one to two weeks before you decide to put on your chef hat.

Simply put: If you’re not using enough food in your kitchen, you’re not living up to your full grocery-buying potential—and that’s okay. With HelloFresh, this is hardly a concern. Wasted food can become a distant memory when you have a selection of custom easy recipes like the ones above that are made with portion sizes in mind.

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