5 healthy, super clean strawberry recipes

Whether you’re starting the new year with a healthy eating plan, or just looking for some fresh and delicious ways to fuel your body and lifestyle, these strawberry recipes will take you on your way!

These recipes are packed with loads of strawberry nutritionAnd Plus other vitamins, so you can feel totally satisfied taking it for yourself or the whole family.

Strawberry hibiscus mint water

Drinking water is part of a healthy lifestyle and something experts recommend doing more of. If drinking more water is on your list of resolutions, then this recipe is perfect for you. If fitness is part of your goals for the New Year, you will definitely need more H2O.

Quench your thirst with this fresh strawberry hibiscus agua fresca, or “fresh water,” a non-alcoholic drink made with fresh fruits. Strawberries and hibiscus are a great combination for this refreshing recipe.

strawberry quinoa salad

Strawberry Quinoa Salad With Avocado

When you combine the benefits of strawberries with superfoods like quinoa and the healthy fats in avocados, you have an energy-packed meal or snack. This is a great dish for a light dinner and an easy meal prep dish to take with you on the go.


kale strawberry salad

This salad is refreshing any time of the year and is a great recipe to have on hand to start a healthy new year. With kale, feta cheese, strawberries, and pecans with a delicious balsamic vinaigrette, you have a sweet and savory salad full of nutrients. This dish is great as a satisfying lunch, or topped with a grilled protein after an active workout or a long day.


Best vegan strawberry juice

A vegan diet is a popular diet option, but whether you’re in that bandwagon or not, this smoothie will surely satisfy your taste buds. It is light, sweet and delicious. The best part? You can sneak some veggies into something that tastes like a treat for you or the family.

Super C shots

Super C Strawberry Shoot

A big part of staying healthy and sticking to your health and fitness goals is treating your immune system well. When your body feels comfortable, you can stay on track and achieve your goals with ease.

Super C Strawberry Potions are a delicious and easy way to give your immune system a good boost. It’s just another great way to sneak in a few veggies, and they have two-thirds of the vitamin C you need for an entire day.

We know there are plenty of recipe ideas being shared, and there’s no shortage of nutritional advice. But strawberries have that special way of making us feel good, so we hope you enjoy these unique ideas to add to your recipes list to eat when you want to boost your nutrition and feel amazing!

We hope you enjoy staying healthy with these California strawberry recipes. a happy New Year!

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