44 easy, simple and delicious recipes that teens can cook

Chefs of all ages can master these easy meals, from fuss-free burgers, one-pan wonders, and delicious selections at affordable prices.

Get your teens cooking with these simple dinners!

These 44 top Australian recipes are delicious, and most importantly easy and will have teens cooking dinner every night (haha! Maybe).

1. Chinese hamburger

Hamburger with a difference. The mixture produces a large volume using only a small amount of meat. You will always make it once you try it. My mom always made them for all the big family barbecues.

2. slow cooker roast chicken

An easy chicken dish, a good recipe on a busy day.

3. Chicken and Leek Pie

Chicken and leek pie is very beautiful, and easy to prepare.

4. Caramelized onion, pumpkin and goat cheese tart

An easy-to-make pie and a great way to use up leftover roasted vegetables.

5. Baked meatballs with cheese

A delicious and simple recipe that is sure to be a winner with the whole family.

6. Grilled chicken pieces with mustard

Simple and delicious assortment of baked chicken with great flavours. We are still asking my mum to make this for us 30 years after she first made it!

7. Easy Quiche

Don’t worry, there’s no need for a quiche recipe to add any filling you like. I love it because the ingredients are always in the house.

8. Honey Chicken

This is definitely the best honey chicken guaranteed!

9. Brown rice salad

This is a delicious, nutty-flavored salad that makes great served hot or cold.

10. Singapore Noodles

Just like the ones served in Chinese restaurants, you can diversify the vegetables and use whatever you have on hand. I make this often, very popular with friends and family.

11. Greek style chicken with olives and artichokes

This is a must-try recipe that is really delicious and great – you won’t be disappointed!

12. American Chop Suey

This recipe is more Italian than Chinese, but either way the kids love it! I don’t know where the name came from, but it’s a New England favorite.

13. Slow Cooked Pumpkin Soup

This slow-cooked soup is delicious and loved by all.

14. Minced meat and noodles quick frying

A quick and delicious frying pan adapted from a recipe from Super Food Ideas magazine, complete with good veggies and plenty of flavour.

15. Chow my

A quick and delicious filling meal.

16. Glutinous Chicken

This is a quick meal and kids love it.

17. Creamy Tuna Morning

A creamy morning tuna dish with lots of vegetables.

18. Teriyaki goat meat skewers

Lean meat, good grill dish and very tasty.

19. Waldorf Chicken Salad

A delicious salad for a quick lunch or with a light tea.

20. Roast Beef Crockpot

Melt in the mouth roasted crock.

21. Cream of Chicken and Corn Soup

Chicken and cream corn soup.

22. Australian Meat Pie

Once you try this meat pie, you’ll never want to buy another. It is very delicious.

23. Moroccan slow cooker chicken

A very tasty and easy slow cooker recipe. Just throw it and walk away.

24. sausage

This one casserole recipe is much tastier than the packaged version.

25. Chinese Sweet Corn Chicken Soup

Eating this traditional, homemade soup will bring back memories of dining out in a Chinese restaurant.

26. Soo’s delicious chicken salad

Made with store-bought roast chicken, this uncooked chicken salad has the perfect balance of sweet, savory flavors, plus a delicious orange dressing. It’s perfect for an easy lunch or a light dinner.

27. Chicken pasta with cream and pesto

Make this chicken pasta dish a weeknight staple. It uses everyday ingredients like chicken breast, pasta, and pesto, and costs just $3.27 per serving.

28. Chicken with Peanut Sauce

One of my family favourites.

29. Salmon pancakes

Looking for the best canned salmon recipe? Easy salmon patties are a delicious twist on a simple dish. Quick to prepare, these pancakes are made with potatoes, cheese, and breadcrumbs, giving a moist and delicious interior with a golden, crunchy crust.

30. Mexican Chicken Pasta

If you love tacos and Mexican food, you’ll love this easy chicken pasta. A hit with all ages!

31. Fast vegan fried rice

It’s fried rice but not as you know it! It’s healthy and full of superfoods to keep you full for longer.

32. Quick Thai Chicken Jam

Made with inexpensive ingredients like ground beef, rice, and veggies, this budget-friendly dinner is on the table in less than 30 minutes and will cost you less than $3 per serving. win win!

33. Pasta salad

A simple and easy way to make a salad. Great served with grills.

34. Beef stew in a slow cooker

This old-fashioned slow cooker beef stew is full of hearty greens. Perfect for feeding an entire family of hungry bellies or if you’re making beef stew for two, this dish can be frozen and eaten at a later time.

35. Fast-Frying Chicken and Noodles

This is a very quick and easy recipe that I adapted from a recipe in Super Food Ideas magazine.

36. Creamy Macaroni Carbonara

A lovely creamy version of a well-known favorite.

37. Sausages with onion broth

Children’s favorite, and you can add vegetables if you like.

38. Lemon Chicken

This is an authentic Chinese lemon chicken that is as easy as you’d find in a Chinese restaurant. I recently changed the mixture for this recipe. I tested several variations and found this to be the best. It is light and crunchy and covers meat or seafood best. Lemon sauce now has a more intense lemon flavor, and is also easier to prepare.

39. Chicken Stroganoff

Creamy and always a winner.

40. Takeaway Chinese Fried Rice

Have you ever wondered how a Chinese restaurant can attract so many orders of different types of fried rice in such a short time? This is what I discovered as a struggling student decades ago working in a fast food restaurant in suburban China.

41. Spicy Chicken Rolls

These mini pastry rolls are great either for an entree, a snack, in the lunch box, or as an after-school treat.

42. Creamy Chicken Pasta

A delicious and easy to prepare pasta meal for the whole family. My kids love this and order it regularly.

43. Butter and garlic chicken pot with mushrooms

At less than $5 a service, a budget chicken dinner means less wash!

44. Spinach and feta quiche

A vegetarian quiche that you can serve hot or cold.

This post originally appeared on Best Recipes in Australia and is republished with permission


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