4 Gluten-Free Snack Recipes Like Aloo Paratha’s Mother Vicky Kaushal

Celebrities, like many other people, make their food to fit the dietary restrictions recommended by a doctor or nutritionist. Many consider going vegan, while others choose to stay away from gluten. Whether you are planning to increase your body size, lose weight, or even just improve your fitness, you may find that a gluten-free diet does wonders for you.

But what may surprise you is the fact that gluten is a protein found in many grains other than wheat. The safest way to avoid gluten is to eat whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, and gluten-free bread. If you’re about to take that path to wellness, we bring you four recipes for gluten-free snacks like the famous aloo parathas made by actress Vicki Kaushal’s mother, Veena.

  1. Roasted vegetable sandwich without bread

When considering gluten-free snacks, you’ll probably also want to avoid all-purpose flour (maida) or even brown bread. So, this recipe helps you bring innovation to sandwiches and make the carb-free version of the bread. All you need is dosa dough, vegetables of your choice, a sandwich toaster and a few basic seasonings to spice up this meal.

  1. Aloo paratha is gluten free

Since all celebrities have certain dietary restrictions, it seems that charming Vicky Kaushal always experiences the same thing. The actor is said to swear by his diet and toss out items containing gluten in order to transform into the physique that each character requires. Well, apparently his Punjabi mother is an accomplished chef and has endeavored to modify her recipes to meet her limitations. Aloo ke paranthe is now gluten-free, which Vicki heavily consumes, reports say. Veena Kaushala seems to be replacing potatoes with sweet potatoes and we bring you a recipe that will help you do exactly that.

  1. healthy poha rings

These poha rings are the perfect snack when you want to eat something, but want to avoid processed or packaged foods. Apart from poha, it contains a variety of vegetables that make it a healthy snack option for adults as well as kids.

  1. Delicious DIY dried fruits and berries

Although this takes a few days, the effort you put in is definitely well rewarded. The resulting fruit tastes a lot like dessert and you don’t need an air fryer to try this recipe. It is enough to use the microwave or the oven and you can choose the fruit you prefer, be it mango, strawberry, peach or even papaya.

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