The Annual IELTS from 6 to 9 Scholarship



The deadline for applications is February 1, 2022.

We all know that the job market favors people with prior work experience, and Erasmus Internships is eager to equip students with the experience they need to succeed in today’s employment market.

Erasmus internships for recent graduates are internships that are not part of your degree program and are completed after you graduate. You can apply for internships in Europe during your final semester that must take place within 12 months after graduation. You are no longer eligible to participate in this type of internship if you have already gotten your degree diploma.

The winner of the IELTS 6–9 Award will get a $1,000 study abroad scholarship.
1 backpack for travel

Tuition, accommodation and board, books, and travel may all be covered by the scholarship. The money will be delivered to the winner’s study abroad program or university immediately. Alternative arrangements will be made in the event that this is not practicable.
“IELTS exam for study abroad” is the subject of a written contribution.
Students are currently required to take a variety of exams in order to study abroad. Why should aspiring students take this exam in particular? What are the advantages?
Now is the time to apply.