Doc24 Legatet

Doc24 has been awarding a scholarship to a person or persons who require assistance during their studies or internship as a health professional since 2014.

Our board stresses that the scholarship recipient is financially poor and has outstanding marks while making awards.

We offer assistance regardless of the university you attended. All submissions will be reviewed individually, and the scholarship winner will be notified on August 1, 2022.
We offer assistance regardless of the university you attended. To apply, all that is required is that you have read a health professional study such as:
Assistant/social worker in the field of health and social services
Assistant in social and health care
Medical Laboratory for Pharmacists Molecular medicine technologist
Health and Nutrition
Financial assistance for research projects is available. Economic assistance for putting hypotheses to the test in the real world. Financial assistance for educational initiatives or dissertations. To have any research or project results widely distributed.
Individual or group applications for the Doc24 Scholarship are both acceptable. A motivated application must be sent to the e-mail address below to be considered for the Doc24 Scholarship. The application must include at least the following:
Name in full
Phone number for the address
Contact information via email
University/institution of higher learning

CV that has been updated
Motivational essay on why you should be awarded the Doc24 Scholarship

Fill out an application on the internet.